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A detoxifying and pore purifying mask that contains maximum strength 10% medicated Sulfur to effectively remove toxins, impurities and minimize pore size. Formulated with powerful oil absorbing ingredients like Charcoal Powder and Kaolin, this mask fights acne causing bacteria and excess oil for clearer, blemish free skin with reduced breakouts. 



Sulfur X Face Detox Mask

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Sulfur X
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    • 10% Medicated Sulfur to purify and decongest pores 
    • Charcoal powder to absorb impurites and excess oil
    • Decrease breakouts and combat acne causing bacteria 
    •  Antibacterial formula for radiant and blemish free skin 
    • Non-irritating formula 
    • Recommended for all skin types prone to breakouts or acne
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