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Rather you are preparing to unwind from a long day or just like the sweet essence of a lovely aroma filling the air, Demi Cortez Luxury Soy Candles will be your go to. Made with passion in Atlanta, each candle is hand poured and filled with good energy and positive vibes to uplift your mood and ease your mind. Each candle comes with Quartz Minerals to help redirect the energy where placed. As the candle wax melts, the Quartz Minerals give off their true powers of harmony and emotional balance.


Quartz minerals infused:

Red Crystal - Passion, Energy and Life

Amethyst - Calmess

Ruby Zoisite - Healing and Comfort

Carbonate Jade - Serenity and Purity

Tiger's Eye - Harmony and Balance

Quartz - Healing and Manifestation

Rose Quartz - Universal Love, Trust and Harmony

Agate - Rebalancing and Harmony

Lapis Lazuli - Royalty and Wisdom

Red Jasper - Empowerment and Healing


No need to have a bad day or be consumed by negative energy. Let go and light your candle. Which quartz minerals will set your mood?


*Not all minerals will be infused in each candle.

Fluidity 629 - Luxury Soy Candle

  • All natural soy wax with lead and zinc free dual woven cotton wicks. Natural essential oil mixtures are added for a clean burn.


    Fluidity 629 -  Notes of Jasmine, Leather, Light Musk, Amber and Sandalwood.

    Scent: Earthy, Woody and Alluring

    10oz or 13.5oz










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