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Dermamelan Intimate Peel

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the intimate depigmentation method that has the world talking.  
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Dermamelan intimate depigmentation solution for the intimate area

shows a unique method to correct, in a single clinical session, pigmentation imperfections and improve the quality and appearance of the intimate area specifically formulated to be effective and respect the characteristics of the skin in that area. Ideal for women and men. 

Dermamelan intimate is the anti-aging depigmentation method that provides a corrective, regulating action, achieving an affective result in the short and long term to correct hyperpigmentation of:

> genital-perineal area
> perianal area
> mons pubis
> inner thighs and groins


Noticeable results...


Dermamelan Intimate works simultaneously on many areas of melanogenesis including:

  • Corrective action by removing stubborn hyperpigmentation and preventing the recurrence in treated areas 

  • Inflammatory action by blocking the enzyme COX (cyclo-oxygenase) which is responsible for the inflammatory response.

  • Stimulatory action by renewing the outermost layers of the skin to stimulate the production of fibroblasts, which produces new collagen and elastin. This will result in improved texture and softer skin. 

By blocking the transfer of melanosomes, and reducing the activation of tyrosinase, Dermamelan Intimate enhances the depigmentation of the skin in a gentle and non-irritating manner. Literally the most comfortable treatment for your most intimate areas. Dermamelan contains multiple active ingredients, whose mechanism of action work on depigmentation, inflammation, and anti-aging.


The Process...

The Dermamelan Intimate consists of two phases. The first phase is done in the office and the second phase involves the at home application regimen. After two hours have elapsed since the Dermamelan Intimate mask and occlusive film were placed in office, you will wash off the product at home with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. The post-procedure crystal fiber intimate mask is placed over the treatment area for 10-15 minutes. 48 hours after removal of the Dermamelan Intimate mask at the home, one or two applications of the Dermamelan Intimate home depigmenting gel cream should be applied each night to the treatment area for the next 3 months.

The Dermamelan Intimate treatment is highly effective with the proper application and with strict compliance to the at-home depigmentation protocol. Many patients will see improvement in the first month with consistent home depigmenting gel cream applications. After two to three months of the at-home depigmentation protocol, there should be even greater improvement in intimate hyperpigmentation. For increased skin lightening results, the peel can be repeated after three to six months.

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